Atlanta Residential & Commercial cleaners is still open for business and we’re taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our local community, customers and staff. Our staff follow strict personal hygiene procedures and all client requests are aligned with government recommendations. Atlanta Residential & Commercial cleaners is proud to be independently owned and operated, we appreciate your continued support during this time. If we can answer any specific queries regarding COVID-19 and our service offering, please feel free to get in touch with us today.

                                                              Precautions We Are Taking 

  1. As always, we will under no circumstance allow an employee who is sick or has any symptoms to work. All our employees are required to check their temperature daily.
  2. Cleaners will wear sanitized gloves, face masks, and booties. Cleaners will sanitize their booties prior to entering your home and upon exiting.
  3. Our cleaners will disinfect the things they touch before entering your home - spray bottle handles, duster handles, mop handles, caddy handles, etc.
  4. Microfiber cleaning cloths are always cleaned and sanitized daily and used only once per home.
  5. Customers have the option of obtaining their own “home kit” containing microfiber cloths, dusters, mop and mop pads if they wish to add an extra precaution.
  6. While in your home we will pay special attention to correctly disinfecting often-touched surfaces throughout your home. We use a hospital-grade and FDA-approved disinfectant.